XenoPsi restructures to create two business units

Meanwhile, the second entity – Function growth – Focus on providing strategic guidance and advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs, advising senior management on strategic decision-making as a growth acceleration partner.

Previously, the two practices were part of the same XenoPsi offer. The new individual entities are created to meet the needs of customers with specific go-to-market needs. Function Growth will work with brand and business owners who will see fast turnaround work while Method1 will work on more traditional marketing and advertising engagements.

XenoPsi Founder MichaelAaron Flicker said, “We have installed proven leaders and comprehensive management teams in both of these companies to better position them to help their customer partners grow even faster and to ensure that ‘they keep pace with the rapid evolution of their disciplines. to the commercial inheritance, the growth of functions and the method of XenoPsi1 will share the risks and rewards as true partners with their clients while providing in-depth category knowledge and a granular understanding of their respective markets.”

Function Growth and Method1 will maintain XenoPsi’s core operating philosophy of aligning their financial interests with their clients’ innovative and diverse compensation models. These range from equity and revenue shares to an in-house venture capital arm that invests in startups that Function Growth develops and commercializes, making XenoPsi unique in the advertising and marketing landscape.

The management of the two new companies is already in-house. Kyle Hoffman, who joined XenoPsi last year, will oversee Function Growth’s team of 30 growth consultants as chief growth strategy officer. Early growth partner clients include Shady Rays, Wellow, Benchmark Insights and Solvasa Beauty.

Paul Nelson, who recently joined the company from Arnold Worldwide, will oversee the 50-person Method1 team as Managing Director. Legacy clients include Evan WilliamsBourbonElijah Criaig, Blackheart, Larceny Bourbon, Heaven Hill Distillery, DoubleVerify, Lubert Adler Real Estate Funds and Versa Capital Partners in addition to new client Lunazul.

Flicker will assume the title of founder and president of both companies. XenoPsi continues to oversee the investments and will support both companies by assuming management of shared back-office functions such as business strategy, information technology and talent management.

About XenoPsi:

XenoPsi is the strategic support, information technology and infrastructure center for Function growth, Method 1 and Z axis strategies. Each of these stand-alone, wholly-owned companies advises clients and owned-and-operated brands on growth acceleration (Function Growth), creative and marketing services (Method 1), and public relations and policy advice (Z/ Axis Strategies). XenoPsi was founded in 1997 by two computer-obsessed high school freshmen living in Ridgewood, New Jersey. In May 2022 XenoPsi has transformed from its heritage as an operations company into a strategic support and back-office resource for its businesses. Together, these companies employ 92 people in 13 countries.

About function growth:

Function growth is a growth accelerator that provides strategic advice and partnership for portfolio brands as a pluggable team of e-commerce and marketing experts. It operates on unique performance-based and equity-based compensation models. He helps portfolio and client business management define business needs while establishing and guiding success metrics, as well as developing and executing key cross-disciplinary growth strategies. Function Growth unifies behavioral science and cutting-edge technology to drive exceptional growth for its client portfolio. Its team of 30 professionals is spread over 9 countries. Portfolio companies include Shady Rays, Wellow, Solvasa Beauty and Benchmark Insights.

About Method 1

Method1 is a digital creator of marketing systems that apply behavioral science and creativity to develop campaigns that increase brand preference and accelerate business growth for consumer packaged goods brands. Method1’s operating principle is based on the belief that a brand’s true potential is best realized when there is a shared “skin in the game”. As such, it offers its client partners innovative compensation models based on their business objectives. This encourages the method1 be an impact agent, as opposed to just an agency for hire, which is evaluated and rewarded by business performance, not billable hours. Method1 employs 50 people in 14 countries. He is based in New York and customers understand Evan WilliamsBourbon, Elijah CraigLunazul Tequila, Larceny Bourbon, Heaven Hill Distillery, DoubleVerify, Lubert Adler Real Estate Funds, Versa Capital Partners and Wellow.

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