Resident attacks Perth business park for looking like ‘a bomb site’

A disgruntled Perth resident has asked local authorities to clean up a pile of damage at a major site in the city.

The resident believes that a pile of rotten garbage that has been left to rot next to a roundabout in the popular Perth Food and Drink Park east of the Inveralmond roundabout is an embarrassment for the city .

Perth and Food Park was officially ‘opened’ for the first time in March 2014. PKC has spent millions on the site to set up serviced plots for sale to potential investors looking to establish a commercial presence in the city and to provide the necessary infrastructure.

But the disgruntled resident believes that if the council is serious about attracting investment to Perth, it must act now to clean up the site and persuade travelers – who he says have occupied the site for years – to move on.

The man, who said he wished to remain anonymous when speaking to the Palestinian Authority earlier this week, said he had “no problem” with people pursuing modes of alternative lives, but thinks the mess he blames them for creating would put off any potential investor.

The council says there is no evidence to link the garbage to the traveler community.

The resident said, “The council has to take some responsibility and go over there and clean it up. Then they have to put some kind of measures in place to prevent this from happening again. “

He added: “My neighbor didn’t empty her trash because she put a pizza box in her trash, but this place looks like a bomb site.”

The resident added that he was particularly upset when he read a recent article in the PA regarding a Perth Food and Drink Park expansion project in which a councilor was cited as describing the development as a “success.”

He said, “They spent millions on it and it’s a dumping ground. It’s worse than a dumping ground.

“It’s amazing the amount of garbage there. What can they call it a food and drink park? “

A council spokesperson said yesterday: “For a considerable time members of the Gypsy / Traveler community have intermittently occupied areas near the Food and Drink Park.

“PKC is working with the travel community and elected members to develop a more suitable alternative for future temporary stopping sites.

“Garbage appearing nearby cannot be traced to any individual and there is no evidence linking the gypsy / traveler community with the fly spill, which will be removed.

“The council is also considering more permanent measures to prevent flies from tipping in this area, including the deployment of a mobile CCTV camera, which will help identify the culprits in the event of further flipping of flies.”

The spokesperson added, “To help agribusiness companies, the council has built units that provide high quality equipment and facilities.

“Since completion and despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the units have been fully leased to four new companies.

“There are still plots of food and drink that are marketed and other plots for more generic uses.

“Some generic use plots have been sold or are in the process of being marketed although this process has slowed down due to the pandemic.

“The council is committed to providing jobs and private development to support sustainable economic growth.

“It is hoped that the other generic plots located on the land adjacent to the food and beverage plots will be developed for broader commercial and industrial uses in Classes Four, Five and Six to support employment.

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