QU and HyperThink organize the 1st Qatar Entrepreneurship Awards at CEED

Doha: As part of the activities of the 5th Conference on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED 2022), on behalf of Qatar University (QU), the Center for Entrepreneurship of the College of Business and Economics hosted the first edition of the Qatar Entrepreneurship Awards (QEA). It was organized in partnership with the regional consulting and technology company HyperThink Systems.

The QEA Awards ceremony aims to recognize the growing startup ecosystem in Qatar, as well as leading local entrepreneurs and promising startups in the country. The awards are important to encourage more innovation and realize the potential of entrepreneurs in Qatar.

The QU–HyperThink Entrepreneurship Awards are split into six categories: Best Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Health Tech of the Year, Best Delivery/E-Commerce of the Year, Best Fintech of the Year and Best Social/Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year.

Professor Belaid Aouni, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Business and Economics, said: “The college is keen to support various entrepreneurial activities and research through different means, including conferences. This conference is a good opportunity to promote Qatar University as an entrepreneurship research center in the region and to attract international entrepreneurship researchers to Qatar. It helps to develop networking with well-known academics, exchange ideas and collaborate on new research projects.

Dr. Mahmoud Abdellatif, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, said: “The event is an important pre-conference activity to shed light on a number of success stories among innovators and entrepreneurs in Qatar. As we are keen to bring the first edition of the QEA to CEED 2022 with our partner HyperThink. The aim of presenting the awards at the conference is to strengthen industry-academia collaboration and recognize startups in Qatar and help them gain visibility and recognition. We also aim to build the awards platform as an annual event at CEED and showcase the growing collaboration between universities, industry and startups in the country and beyond.

Dr. Boumediene Ramdani, CEED 2022 Program Chair, said CEED is the leading entrepreneurship conference in Qatar bringing together a community of scholars and practitioners interested in entrepreneurship research, teaching and practice. .

He also said that the conference is a forum for sharing cutting-edge ideas to advance entrepreneurship research in the region with the aim of fostering research collaborations among members; share experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation practices; and develop sustainable policies that respond to economic, social and environmental challenges.

Awdesh Chetal, CEO of HyperThink Systems, emphasized that HyperThink believes the future will be shaped by founders who master technology and innovation. HyperThink wants the awards to be a platform to connect, promote and showcase the ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurship in Qatar and on the global stage through communication/PR, competition and event. event activities.

Awdesh added that the HyperThink Systems Venture and Incubation programs support entrepreneurs in Qatar through its support programs, including startup incubation, fundraising, training, mentoring, entrepreneurship and connecting to the world. regional and global technological innovation ecosystem.

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