Niagara County plans retail park in Cambria | Local News

A new business park is to be built in Cambria. The property, dubbed Niagara County Business Park, is on Lockport Junction Road across from the City of Lockport Industrial Park.

The approximately 60-acre property is owned by Niagara County, which is now applying to the City of Cambria for a rezoning from agricultural-residential to planned-unit development.

It comes as New York State invests in infrastructure, according to Drew Reilly of Wendel, the county-hired engineering firm.

Andrea Klyczek, assistant director of the Niagara County Center for Economic Development, said there was hope the development will be “funded entirely by grants” but could not give a rough figure on the total cost.

Recently, the City of Cambria decided that an environmental impact study should be carried out on the proposed business park. City supervisor Wright Ellis said the benefit of this is that a business could enter the park without having to do its own survey.

“They still have to get their site plan approved by us (Town of Cambria), but they won’t have to go to all the other agencies for approval,” he said.

These other agencies include the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the State Historic Preservation Office, which will decide whether to approve or reject the county’s design upon completion of the environmental study.

Reilly said that while there is state-issued Shovel-Ready certification, it comes with a fee and is mostly helpful in attracting potential tenants. While the county is taking all the steps toward that certification, he said there’s probably no need to get the actual designation.

“The county has a lot of customers, so they don’t need them,” Reilly said. “(But) when they’re done, they can come up with a site in the business park that all the agencies have approved.”

A public scoping session will be held at 7:00 p.m. on July 14 at Cambria City Hall to determine the direction of the environmental impact statement.

If all goes “smoothly”, Klyczek said, the business park could be developed in two years.

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