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I know you love to live in the past because then it was better. But by the end of the article, you will find a huge discovery, and I hope you will find that your financial situation is getting better. Indeed! It has changed specifically and you are playing in a completely different league with other problems and goals! Write a comment at the end of the article when you came to realize that your financial situation has changed?


The day I realized my financial situation – my financial situation changed

Everybody starts from somewhere in life and we typically try to get more out of our possibilities. I remember the first moment I realized my financial situation changed:


i went to the first electronics store and bought my xbox 360 console without a loan without any problems… then i immediately added original games… and one more joy


This recognition has completely changed my life and I finally realized that work has not only a price but also a result. However, this is basically a tiny step, but I think that the point in everyone’s life is when you can buy something without any trouble, without having to look at your account.

This moment has since been followed by many other discoveries, such as

  • in the restaurant, not the right (price), but the left column
  • I like the subway, but I don’t like to spend 2,000 forints for a sandwich. But if I want to…
  • I have always dreamed about going to the Apple store to go shopping once… and then I noticed a few years ago that nothing else was needed from the store

So I felt like a king of life for years, because I got rid of more and more childhood frustration and stepped on the path of realization. Then another feeling came into my mind …


He’s not happy

Now tell me how selfish you are. When there is nothing, he dreams that he will do everything one day. When this day comes, it shrugs and walks away. When I first walked the shopping line at the more branded branded stores with the knowledge that “I see and buy” and I didn’t feel anything, I was scared.

“That’s not happening,” I thought, “But what then?”

I was thinking a lot about the solution and I realized that I was not interested in shopping because I could. I moved to another mental state where the object is no longer the possession of the movables, but much more.

Man wants to be a boggle, so he’s gonna start dancing. Family-to-human relationships have appreciated, and instead of the latest phone, I chose 10 to 10 times a family vacation where we get experiences. Because I realized that the objects are outdated, but the experience will always be there with me.

Of course there were new goals in life…


Time to play great

If you get to spend your money on your home instead of on movable property or on a car, then you realize that you have bought stupid stuff and luxury stuff so far, because they were much easier to access for them, and they immediately acted as a mental drug. This adds up to the addiction that is exacerbated by childhood traumas when you stand in front of the shoe shop window and you are so keen on that shoe, but you have no money to buy.

And I became richer with one more recognition. Instead of tossing millions for years, half of which is already missing, we should always focus on the big things. Since then at least one apartment would have more in my possession. And this is a lasting, real value that is not for the moment, but for my life.



When did I find that my financial situation changed?

I always find out and find new goals again. Once positive, sometimes negative, but not my financial situation, my perception changes. This is one of the most important lessons of life for me. In the course of our development, our goals are constantly reassessed and the financial situation we need to evaluate is completely different.

I think this constant change is the reason why there are people with the same earnings who are poor while others feel rich!

I wonder what kind of recognition do you have? Write in comment…

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