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Credit card, when used consciously and with financial discipline, can be a great ally for you to carry out your projects.

When the credit card invoice arrives it is important to check all the postings to check if there are no charges for undue amounts, be aware of the payment deadline for not having interest charges, among other items that need attention.

What to do when ripping your invoice envelope

Due date

Prioritize the day-to-day payment of your bills, especially your credit card, as it charges you a considerable amount for delays.

Check invoice ownership

Check the name of the cardholder described on the invoice, as receiving the invoice from another customer by mistake and paying is not so uncommon in the list of complaints from the operators.

Check your previous invoice payment

Invoices invariably have a field labeled “Credit” to identify the payment for the previous invoice. If something is incorrect, check with your service provider.

Review the purchases listed on the invoice

Analyze purchase by purchase, check dates, values ​​and purchase installments. Even if it is something complicated, it is necessary to avoid problems.

Did you pay the minimum on the invoice?

This is always a bad deal because interest is expensive. Even so, take the time to check the interest collection calculations and try to get rid of the interest rate as quickly as possible.

What is Revolving Credit?

The revolving credit is the modality most associated to the use of the credit card. Every time the invoice is not paid in full, the remainder of the debt goes to the next month. This results in consumer interest because it is credit that has been hired.

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