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If you are in doubt about the bank where you should apply for your extra credit, know the details and benefits of the payday loan at Good Finance right now.

Personal Payday Loan at Good Finance

The Personal Payday loan at Good Finance is exclusively for INSS retirees and pensioners, federal, state and municipal civil servants, as well as military and pensioners from the Armed Forces, since they are people who have a fixed income for a lifetime.

This is an essential requirement since, when applying for the Personal Payday deductible loan at Good Finance, the monthly installment of the loan is deducted automatically from the applicant’s monthly income, according to the assignable margin .

Margin assignable

The assignable margin is regulated by a law that stipulates that only 30% of the monthly income of the applicant can be directed to the payment of the consigned credit. The purpose is to prevent the applicant from becoming indebted. In addition to making him have more control over his financial life.

The automatic discount, based on the policyholder’s margin, also gives Good Finance greater assurance that the debt will be paid off. Thus, it is possible to provide better hiring conditions and reduced interest rates .

Reduced interest rate

The interest rate of the payday loan Pan Bank is one of the biggest advantages of the transaction. It is regulated by the Central Bank, and can reach a maximum of 2.12% per month. That is, if compared to the interest rates of the overdraft and the revolving card, the loan at Good Finance offers interest up to 3 times lower.

What documentation do I need?

Hiring the Personal Payday loan is simple and practical. Just you have in hand documents like:

  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of residence
  • Extract of your INSS salary / benefit.


It is important to note that when applying for a Personal Payday loan at Good Finance, monthly installments will automatically be deducted from your monthly benefit / salary before being deposited into your account. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze, research and budget before applying for credit.

Advantages of making the loan at Good Finance

The payment of the installment of Pan’s Personal Payday loan is directly deducted from the payment or benefit of the contractor. With this, the bank has greater guarantee of the payment of the debt, and for that reason, does not make credit consultation .

There are already sites and applications that provide online hiring of the Personal Payday loan at Good Finance. This operation provides greater security for the client, since these sites / applications usually have online certifications such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Google Safe Browsing , which ensure that the environment is secure to carry out financial transactions.

In addition, online applications also tend to be faster and more agile , as it is not necessary to go to one of the financial institutions’ correspondent physical or banking branches.

Personal Payday loans at Good Finance also provide flexible repayment terms. They are up to 72 months for retirees and pensioners in the INSS, and 96 months for public servants.

You also have the option to advance the installments of the loan, and thus, take it out in a shorter than expected term. In addition, when requesting the advance, the total value of the transaction interest rates will be reduced.

Unlike many people think, applying for a paycheck loan at Good Finance does not require a checking account at the institution. This is because the loan amount is debited directly into the account in which you receive your salary / benefit. Thus, you do not need to be an accountant to enjoy the benefits offered by the institution.

One of the main advantages of requesting Personal Payday loans at Good Finance is that the installments and interest rates are fixed at the time of hiring. This means that you already know the CET (Total Effective Cost) from the beginning to the end of your loan contract, such as total interest amount, monthly installment amount and others. So you do not have to worry about surprises.

Credit card, when used consciously and with financial discipline, can be a great ally for you to carry out your projects.

When the credit card invoice arrives it is important to check all the postings to check if there are no charges for undue amounts, be aware of the payment deadline for not having interest charges, among other items that need attention.

What to do when ripping your invoice envelope

Due date

Prioritize the day-to-day payment of your bills, especially your credit card, as it charges you a considerable amount for delays.

Check invoice ownership

Check the name of the cardholder described on the invoice, as receiving the invoice from another customer by mistake and paying is not so uncommon in the list of complaints from the operators.

Check your previous invoice payment

Invoices invariably have a field labeled “Credit” to identify the payment for the previous invoice. If something is incorrect, check with your service provider.

Review the purchases listed on the invoice

Analyze purchase by purchase, check dates, values ​​and purchase installments. Even if it is something complicated, it is necessary to avoid problems.

Did you pay the minimum on the invoice?

This is always a bad deal because interest is expensive. Even so, take the time to check the interest collection calculations and try to get rid of the interest rate as quickly as possible.

What is Revolving Credit?

The revolving credit is the modality most associated to the use of the credit card. Every time the invoice is not paid in full, the remainder of the debt goes to the next month. This results in consumer interest because it is credit that has been hired.